Richard A. Kashnow Gallery | Leonard Cohen Reverie

Sleeping Seamstress. 2010.Truck Drivers on West 25th Street. 2013.Young woman in Grand Central Station. 2012.Girl in Pink Dress. 2010.Angry in Athens. 2006.Grumpy Woman in Lucca. 2008.Burmese Nun in Pink. 2004.Burmese Smoker. 2004.Riding with a Gaucho. 2013.Woman in Columbus Circle. 2005.Great Frigatebird over Bora Bora. 2007.Great Egret of the Amazon. 2010.Homeless on Clement Street. 2008.Model in a White Dress at City Hall. 2011.Young woman on the Ile Saint-Louis. 2009Taxi Driver. 2012.Man in a Beijing Park. 2005.Manhattan Sunrise. 2011.