Richard A. Kashnow Gallery | Portfolio - Stephen Johnson

Young Woman on Ile Saint-Louis. 2009.Sleeping Seamstress. 2010.Taxi Driver. 2012.Girl in Pink Dress. 2010.Approaching Sunset in Death Valley. 2015.Great Egret of the Amazon. 2010.Homeless on Broadway. 2008.Riding with a Gaucho. 2013.Manhattan Street Arrest. 2014.Leopard in a Tree. 2014.Truck Drivers on West 25th Street. 2013.Barry Sless. 2010.Burmese Smoker. 2004.Inside the Cao Dai Temple. 2004The Gates in Central Park. 2005.David Milgram. 2015.Model in a White Dress at City Hall. 2011.Jerry Jacobs. 2012.Merchant in the Christian Quarter. 2013.Maasai Man. 2014.